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Selective Racking System is one of the best solutions for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide variety of products (SKUs).

With direct access to all stored pallets - the advantages of handling one pallet without the need to move others:

  • Easy stock control.
  • Load flexibility, both in terms of weight and volume.
  • 100% Selectivity
  • First-in First Out (FIFO) Operation
  • High visibility of goods stored
  • Reduction in goods damage
  • Multi product location



Drive-In racking is used where high density storage is required. It is frequently used in facilities with a low number of product lines.

  • High Density Storage Capacity
  • High Optimization of Warehouse Space
  • Reduction in goods damage
  • Ideal for batch dispatching
  • Low stock rotation suitable for seasonal goods and fluctuating stock demand
  • Ideal for cold and chill storage and bulk storage applications
  • Suitable for easily damaged or fragile loads, which cannot be block stacked 



Designed for high density storage of palletized goods with optimum stock control, these pallets slide by gravity on rollers.
The design allows the use of the FIFO system with two aisles only for accessing the pallet positions.

  • High Density Storage Capacity
  • Maximum Space and Volume Utilisation
  • First In First Out
  • Suitable for cold room operations



Mobile racking is a specialized high density system often designed for long-term storage of palletized goods. The racks are mounted on mobile bases, which run on rails up and down the storage area. The bases are electronically driven and are normally kept closed leaving one aisle for access.

  • Maximum use of floor space as only one operating aisle required
  • High Density Storage Capacity
  • 100% Selectivity
  • Particularly suitable for temperature controlled stores
  • Non specialized handling equipment


Multi-tier racking is created using adjustable pallet racking. Additional storage floors can be incorporated into the rack with walkways to allow pedestrian access for order picking. This maximizes all available headroom and is ideal for storing a wide variety of packaged goods for hand picking.

  • Economical use of cubic space
  • Can accommodate a range of storage requirement
  • Ideal for archive storage
  • Manual order picking applications
  • Can accommodate sophisticated automated picking systems

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A structural steel mezzanine saves you up to 80% versus the cost of new construction. Bond design, fabricate and build structural steel mezzanine floors for warehousing and distribution centers, production and storage space, offices and retail floors, each individually designed to suit specific requirements.

  • A cost-effective way of creating extra usable space
  • Fully extendable and can be relocated if required


Cantilever racks are ideal for storing long, unwieldy items. Each kind of rack provides a wide range of flexibility and add-on capability.
What can typically be stored on cantilever racks?

  • Aluminum sheets
  • Timber Products
  • Masonite sheets
  • Wood crates
  • Flake board
  • Tubing
  • Electrical harness
  • sheet steel
  • Bars, Pipe, piping
  • Conduit, plastics
  • Drywall
  • Plywood
  • Fabricated parts, shafts, or rods